Oh, in case anyone is interested in some good architecture books:

I have bought/rented a number of great architecture books over the past couple of weeks that are a must read for anyone interested in said field:

  • Piano by Philip Jodidio (covers much of Renzo Piano’s work)
  • Saarinen’s Quest: A Memoir by Richard Night (cover’s Eero Saarinen’s work)
  • Sourcebook of Contemporary Architecture by Alex Sanchez Vidiella (covers a lot of lesser known/newer firms and their work)
  • Architecture Now! 8 by Philip Jodidio (also covers a lot of newer, lesser known architects and their work)
  • Tschumi on Architecture: Conversations with Enrique Walker (this is more like an interview that has been transcribed into text, but still interesting nonetheless; covers approx. thirty years of Bernard Tschumi’s work)

The sourcebook & AN!8 are really big (it’s a lot of short articles & photos), but the others are pretty short. In fact, the one about Renzo Piano is less than 100 pages, and most of those pages are filled with photographs. Seriously, if you enjoy reading and want to broaden your knowledge on architecture, these are all excellent reads.